Over the past 80 years, we have meticulously developed our facilities and refined our approach to ensure the highest standards of storage efficiency and product integrity. Whether you require cold storage for perishable goods, controlled environments for sensitive products, or flexible solutions for diverse inventory, our facilities are designed to cater to a wide range of requirements.


At Table Bay Cold Storage, we provide comprehensive solutions to take full control of your cold chain operations. With the perfect combination of technology, expansive space, and skilled professionals, we ensure a seamless expert ence for your shipments. Our experienced management team and team interaction guarantees excellent responsiveness and efficient handling of your goods. 


Verification and Reporting:
We meticulously verify the count and condition of your products, including temperature downloads. In case of any issues, we provide detailed reports with pictures for your reference.

Quarantine and Inspection:
Damaged goods are quarantined while awaiting inspection, both for incoming and outgoing products. Our on-site veterinary officers enable thorough truck and container inspections. We also facilitate customs inspections of containers.

Barcode Identification:
Each pallet is equipped with bar code identification tags, enabling efficient tracking and management throughout the storage process.

We record all pertinent information into our TBCS computer system, ensuring accurate and organized inventory management. Prompt issuance of GRVs (Goods Received Vouchers), GIVs (Goods Issued Vouchers), stock balances, and reports keep you informed.

Carton Traceability:
We ensure traceability from origin to containerization, storage, order assembly, and delivery. This guarantees transparency and control over your consignments.

Packing and Transport Advice:
Our team provides valuable advice on optimal packing and transportation methods and practices, helping you make informed decisions for your shipments.


Refrigerated Scada Temperature-Controlled Rooms:
Our facility offers refrigerated rooms equipped with state-of-the-art Scada technology to maintain precise temperature control. We can cater to a range of temperature requirements, from chilled to ultra-low, based on your specific needs.

Blast Freezing:
We provide blast freezing services to rapidly remove heat from fresh products, ensuring their quality and extending their shelf life.

Refrigerated Container Plug-in Points:
We offer plug-in points for refrigerated containers, providing flexibility and convenience for your storage needs.

Real-time Monitoring:
Our advanced monitoring system keeps a ‘live’ check on room temperatures, linked to specified parameters. Any deviations in temperature trigger immediate alarms, allowing for timely corrective actions.

Bonded and Duty-Paid Facilities:
Our facility accommodates both bonded and duty-paid storage for refrigerated products, ensuring compliance and flexibility.

Order Assembly:
We excel in efficient order assembly, including case order picking, stretch wrapping, and marking pallets with shipping identifications. Customized pallet assembly is also available to meet specific shipping requirements.


With our all-round cold chain control services, you can trust us to handle your consignments with utmost care and efficiency. Experience peace of mind knowing that your products are in safe hands, backed by advanced technologies and a dedicated team of professionals.

We employ barcode scanning to retrieve and tally catch weight boxes, providing accurate weight information.
Full pallet quantities can be received and staged for immediate re-shipment, streamlining the logistics process. 
Our skilled workforce is available to palletize or floor-load individual cases or units as needed. 
We offer custom labelling services for product packaging or cases that require special stamps or labels.
Customer orders can be received and held in storage before pick-up or re-shipment, ensuring efficient order management. 
We provide specialized packaging and repackaging services tailored to your unique requirements. 
Palletized products can be stretch-wrapped for extra protection during transit or storage, ensuring their integrity. 


With 360 traceability, we offer our clients peace of mind, knowing that their products are in safe hands.

Contact us today to explore how Table Bay Cold Storage can support your temperature-controlled supply chain management needs. Together, we’ll elevate your logistics capabilities and drive your business forward.

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