Traditional Values, Exceptional Service, Advanced Technology

At Table Bay Cold Storage, we combine the timeless values of an ‘old values’ company with the cutting-edge capabilities of a new-tech warehouse management system. With decades of experience in the industry, we provide outstanding service and integrated solutions to meet your cold storage and logistics needs.

Our facility is EU approved, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety standards. Trust us to keep your goods fresh and secure while leveraging our expertise and innovative approach to deliver unparalleled results.


At TBCS, we pride ourselves on our extensive capacity, comprehensive capabilities, and commitment to providing exceptional end-to-end services. With us, you’re in control, as we offer a seamless experience tailored to your specific requirements.

To ensure optimal temperature control and safety, we employ SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technology to monitor our room temperatures diligently. As an import and export cold store to the EU, we comply with all necessary requirements. Our operations strictly adhere to HACCP protocols throughout the cold chain, and we possess certifications from DAFF, PPECB, and NRCS, guaranteeing our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance.

When you choose TBCS, you benefit from a range of advantages:

Bonded and Non-Bonded facilities:
We offer refrigerated product storage options with both bonded and duty-paid facilities, catering to your specific needs.

Extensive capacity:
With over 10,000 sqm of storage space at your disposal, we have the capacity to accommodate your goods efficiently and effectively.

Flexible temperature options:
Our 10 dual-function rooms allow you to choose storage temperatures tailored to your products, providing optimal conditions for both chilled and frozen items.

Rapid blast freezing:
Our state-of-the-art blast freezing facilities can reach temperatures as low as -35°C, ensuring swift and efficient freezing of your products.

Refrigerated container plug-in points:
We provide plug-in points for refrigerated containers, offering convenience and flexibility for your storage requirements.

Seamless goods handling:
Our dedicated team excels in providing brilliant goods handling services, ensuring proper care and efficient handling of your valuable inventory.

Excellent management and reporting:
We prioritize transparency and provide comprehensive management and reporting services, keeping you informed every step of the way.

In-house clearing and forwarding:
Through our Table Bay Shipping division, we offer in-house clearing and forwarding services, streamlining the logistical process for you.

Full-service solutions:
From receiving, handling, and thorough quality checks to storage, palletizing, stretch-wrapping, dispatching, and containerization, we offer a complete solution to meet all your cold storage needs.

Managed transportation solutions:
Through our strategic partnerships with reliable transportation companies, we provide managed transportation solutions, ensuring a seamless flow of your goods from our facility to their intended destinations.

At TBCS, we are committed to delivering excellence in cold storage and logistics.

Trust us to safeguard the freshness and integrity of your products while providing exceptional service and industry-leading expertise.


With 360 traceability, we offer our clients peace of mind, knowing that their products are in safe hands.

Contact us today to explore how Table Bay Cold Storage can support your temperature-controlled supply chain management needs. Together, we’ll elevate your logistics capabilities and drive your business forward.

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